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Check the changing oil on the steering system

Check the changing oil on the steering system

Company news
2017/09/27 10:47
  Inspection of various parts of the steering system。
1. check the steering wheel free travel
(1) put the front wheels straight and add the force of 5N around the steering wheel.
(2) turn the steering wheel gently to the left and right, measure the steering wheel stroke, and the standard free stroke is 0 30mm.
(3) if the free stroke is greater than the standard value, check the connecting position of the steering shaft and the clearance of the tie rod and the ball head.
2. check the steering angle
(1) the front wheel is placed on the corner wheel, and the steering angle of the wheel is checked. When the maximum turns are reached, the standard value of the steering angle of the inner wheel is 40.7 degrees + 2 degrees, and the standard value of the steering angle of the outer wheel is 32.4 degrees.
(2) if the standard value is exceeded, the front angle is adjusted before the steering angle is measured
3. check the brake return of the steering wheel
steering wheel
(1) check the steering wheel back force, regardless of the speed and rotation of the steering wheel, the right and left sides should be the same force.
(2) the speed of the car at 23, 30km/h, hit the steering wheel 90 degrees, to maintain 1, a 2S, relax the steering wheel should be back to more than 70 degrees position, if the rapid rotation of the steering wheel, may feel the steering wheel in a moment heavy, this does not belong to the fault.
4. check the pre tightening force of the tie rod ball head
(1) remove the steering tie rod and steering knuckle with special tools
(2) turn the ball head pin a few times and take the nut to check the pretightening force.
(3) the pre tightening force shall be 0.5 - 2.5N / M, if the ball head of the tie rod should be replaced.
How to change the power steering fluid correctly?
1. support the front wheel with a jack, lower the support stool or lift the vehicle with a lifting device.
The jack supports the front wheel
2. remove the next fluid pipe from the reservoir and plug the reservoir with a stopper.
3. insert the return pipe into the proper container.
4. open the engine high tension line, turn the starter, and turn the steering wheel repeatedly to the limit position.
5. when the steering fluid is exhausted, the liquid return pipe is connected with the clip firmly, and the power steering capacity of the specified type is added at about 1L in the liquid storage tank.
6. bleed the steering system.
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